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Wanda Peruzzetto


WANDA PERUZZETTO - Painter and artist of San Giorgio

Wanda Peruzzetto has always lived in St. George, has always been tied to the church, both for its artistic appeal, both in a spiritual sense.
He lives in a house not very large, with no television in the company of various animals including a dog (the real owner) and some cats.
Reads a lot, reads everything, from comic books to the great philosophers of the past.
His house is decorated by her, every corner, from tiles to the walls, from kitchen to bedroom, from the paintings at the Museum (place inside the house

where there are so many things created by her, that adorn the environment, that seems to be all 'inside of a museum).
His passion for art has always accompanies it, he paints pictures very beautiful, and the Christmas crib in 2001 he created the church, in a manner all his own, beginning to think about already several months before, this is proof of the deep bond that is between her, the church and God.

. The Nativity at Saint George .


“Jesus Christ, Lord of the land of heaven, forgotten, perched on something:
The new company atheism. "
Wanda Peruzzetto – Christmas 2010.

A nativity scene on a chair he had never seen so far. This is the idea of Wanda for Christmas.
Symbol that the man has now become the master of everything, but that God, or better Yahweh, has been forgotten, forgotten on "something": on a chair.
Many authors have recently published books, lectured, touted what is termed by them the only true religion, the religion of the future: atheism.
A nativity scene on atheism. A crib against atheism.



"The indifference toward the father Yahweh and his son Jesus Christ has contaminated almost all of humanity despite their spirit we breathe in every moment of our existence."
Wanda Peruzzetto - Christmas 2009.

From the words of Wanda, who have been placed beside the crib this year, you can understand how the theme of this crib is indifferent humanity towards the Creator.
A simple nativity scene, if compared with that of other years, but equally significant.
The first thing you notice is the writing on the black plate, the name of Yahweh, written in Hebrew, is a symbol of God, and immediately below it is Jesus who is at the center of various circles, which represent the greatness of his spirit, manifested, however, only a few people: three anonymous statues, stones, however, are there to represent almost half of the stones in the desert created around Jesus
A crib criticized for the absence of a statue of the Madonna, but must not take us outside of the meanings it wishes to send, or what is now a fact: the distance, or rather indifference, forgetfulness those who continue to inspire our lives.


- - - NO PICTURES - - --
Unfortunately this crib is missing the picture. If any of you by chance he had only made one, it would be nice to publish it.

In any case we could not talk about this crib, again highly significant.
It was formed by two roads and gold, leading to the birth on these two streets there were two people: one full of gold, symbolizing the AVIDA 'HUMAN, while the other was a poor, represented a' Hippy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippy ) or a free person, and here the ideal of freedom 'understood in all directions.


- - - NO PICTURES - - --
Unfortunately this crib is missing the picture. If any of you by chance he had only made one, it would be nice to publish it.

This crib is manufactured with a white bedspread and adorned with statues of raffia, there was a hunchback angel, carrying a sack full of stones on his shoulders, the rocks had different colors, each having a specific meaning:
-green stones HOPE
red-stones à CHARITY '
white stones à-PURITY
yellow-stone to the light
-violet stones malice intended as poison in other stones.


"The bread of Jesus Christ to every man of race and color."
Wanda Peruzzetto - Christmas 2006.

This nativity scene was entirely made of corn, notice the ears behind the nativity, and even the ground was made of wheat seed, indicating that the bread of Christ for mankind, the white statues deliberately want to exclude differences of purely visual human population, such as color and race.


This nativity scene shows a philosophical idea, that is basically 'the man is not bad, is stupid'
A crib with a very strong ideology and felt the same Wanda, which explores "the myth of the cave" by Plato.
E 'was created with rich color, red prevails widely and remembers the fire, the nativity was placed on a hill, at whose base there are men trapped between the chains of stupidity, ignorance and conformity, and are precisely these limiting factors that will detach from Christmas and the same God.


"The love that moves the world and the other stars"
Dante Alighieri
Wanda Peruzzetto - Christmas 2004.

The cribs were not back here a symbolic meaning.

This crib is made from seeds of cinnamon and cloves, which release their scents, this is its peculiarity.

CHRISTMAS 2003 e 2002

- - - NO PICTURES - - --
Unfortunately this crib is missing the picture. If any of you by chance he had only made one, it would be nice to publish it.


“The love that moves the world and the other stars"
Dante Alighieri
Wanda Peruzzetto - Christmas 2001.

A nativity scene this very beautiful and colorful with a meticulous attention to detail, and though it is not linked to any symbolic message, the fact remains that it is artistically very beautiful and worthwhile.
The nativity is surrounded by a curtain, the presence of olive trees, and that trunk, you see the last picture, was brought ashore from the sea, and collected by Wanda, who had just begun to think about these beautiful nativity scenes you have seen.

.     WANDA'S WORLD      .

To complete the work we would never forget to present the pictures of Wanda, who is one of those few people who live art.
Here you see a side view of her little world where summer births new ideas for new paintings, as you can see it is a courtyard, this fully furnished, one can see the flowers also his assistant ...

.     WANDA’ OILS      .

If you are interested in seeing or buying the pictures you see below you can write an email to:
ask to speake with Wanda, thus you are also a hand to live.

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